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Transformers are used to transform the source code to support conventions.

It provide a unified interface to transform source code in order to support conventions.

// my-transformer.ts
import { createFilter } from '@rollup/pluginutils'
import { SourceCodeTransformer } from 'unocss'

export default function myTransformers(options: MyOptions = {}): SourceCodeTransformer {
  return {
    name: 'my-transformer',
    enforce: 'pre', // enforce before other transformers
    idFilter(id) {
      // only transform .tsx and .jsx files
      return id.match(/\.[tj]sx$/)
    async transform(code, id, { uno }) {
      // code is a MagicString instance
      code.appendRight(0, '/* my transformer */')

You can check official transformers for more examples.

Released under the MIT License.